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Over 90% of people don’t go past the 1st page of Google. See how we can help you increase your online presence and grow your business online.

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Graphs below represent organic traffic growth on our client’s sites, you can check more in our case studies section.

How can San Diego SEO Expert help your business

Search Engine Optimization is one of the most cost-effective ways to improve website traffic. More traffic means more eyes on your products and services, which will eventually mean more sales and more money in your pocket.

Also, while SEO is not the only method of attracting Internet attention, its ROI is unmatched. With paid ads, you do get instant traffic, but the moment you stop paying for them, all that traffic is gone. Social media, on the other hand, while free, is quite unpredictable. Also, the number of likes and comments you get on your posts doesn’t necessarily translate to conversions.

SEO is a different story and is a prime example of long-term digital marketing strategy. The optimizations we make on your site today, and the quality links we build for your San Diego business stay online forever. Therefore it will lead to a constant amount of organic traffic for the foreseeable future. Yes, it takes a while for the search engines to rank the content and changes. On the other hand, once they do, the gates are open, and the constant stream of traffic will start pouring in.

The sooner you start your San Diego SEO campaign, the better, as it takes some time to rank. So don’t waste any more time, while you wait, your competitors are ranking high. Contact NPOINTSEO today and beat the competition, reaching that #1 spot.


I had a pleasure working with Nickey one on one at FixRunner WordPress support.
Nickey managed to boost the website from 500 clicks to 1200 clicks a day in a few months which blew my mind. I learned a lot about writing and SEO from Nickey
and I couldn’t recommend him more.


Lazar at


Free Website SEO Audit Analysis

Let us show you why you aren’t getting the results you want.

Our Proven SEO Results

Running a local business can be challenging, especially if you lack an established online presence. You want your (company) name to appear first in the search results when a potential customer enters the service you provide + San Diego. For example, if you are a plumber when someone enters “best plumber in San Diego CA”. Your website would come up on the map pack and as an organic result. Search engine optimization is a great way to generate more leads, sales and potential visitors to your website in San Diego.

But that is easier said than done, to reach the Google first page, you need professional help. NPointSEO has helped dozens of customers from all over the world to get high up the first page of search results skyrocketing their traffic and sales. Also, you can see our internet marketing case studies for more information.

Custom SEO Strategy, Tailored For San Diego Local Businesses

Don’t leave anything to chance, this is your business that we are talking about. While you can make a slight improvement in your rankings on your own, it is best to leave it to SEO professionals.

With years of experience in SEO, NPointSEO marketing agency is the best pick if you want to reach #1 in your industry. Every business is unique. Therefore, we develop a custom SEO strategy that is guaranteed to work for your needs. No cookie cutter solutions like you would get with other companies that promise results without backing up their claims. NPointSEO is not just a random agency, no. We become your partners and take care of your San Diego website like it’s ours. Specifically, because we want it to reach #1, and it will, we stand behind our keywords! Contact us today, and let’s get your site to #1, where it always belonged.

How Much Does Search Engine Optimization Cost in San Diego?

We determine the price of the campaign based on your competitors, speed, and hours we are going to spend working on your business. We start by analyzing your competitors and then craft a custom-tailored solution for each client. Additionally, you can request a video analysis to get started. Also, to ensure the maximum outcome and deliver results we use our proven systems that we have developed over the years. You can see our processes below.


We offer a full SEO service, which includes:

  • On-Page SEO – we will make sure that the existing content of your website is fully optimized, which will guarantee the highest ranking. We will also develop a strategy tailored to your site’s needs, picking up low competition but high-value keywords that will position your business on the San Diego, CA, digital map. After getting to the first page, you need to keep your position, which can be done only through great, but regular content.

  • Off-Page SEO (Link Building) – high authority links are one of the best Google ranking signals. NPointSEO will make sure that your company in San Diego only gets relevant links that are coming from sites connected to your industry. We use proven White Hat SEO tactics and use only the highest quality link placements that will guarantee healthy traffic forever.

  • Technical SEO – NPointSEO knows that running a local business in San Diego requires a lot of time. Yes, we know that you don’t have time to waste on-site maintenance, which is why we offer the service in our packages. We will not only do full technical optimization of your website but also make sure it runs smooth, offering the best user experience possible. A happy user is more likely to come back and become a satisfied customer. Your site ranking, stability, and speed are our worry, your job is to provide the best services to your customers.

  • Analytics and Tracking – we track your monthly visitors and rankings on a weekly basis. We will integrate Google Webmaster Tools and Analytics as a part of our service, along with other tools like Pro Rank Tracker and Swydo/Clicky to get the most accurate data.

Case Studies

One of our SEO campaigns and growth over time. Learn how we can help you get more customers.

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