How To Contact Google My Business Support

how to contact google my business support

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Are you struggling to contact Google My Business support? For long myriads of businesses had been using forms in the GMB dashboard before Google made a decision in 2017 to ax this option.

As a result, many businesses have lost control of their Google My Business listings and have difficulty recovering them. Moreover, they might encounter irksome problems like verification issues. Sounds familiar?

What about phone support? It seems that in the era of search engines and tutorials most business owners and online marketers have forgotten there is a GMB phone support option. Time is money and if you need to meet a deadline, you do not want to stumble over sorting out a verification process.

Quick Steps to Contact Google My Business Support & Options

If you want to contact Google My Business, you have two options at hand:

  1. Call Google My Business Phone Number at 1-844-491-9665 to talk to a real person.
  2. Contact the support via social networks (Twitter or Facebook)

We will now go through the procedure of getting in touch with this service, either having them call you or sending them a message on Twitter or Facebook.

Request A Phone Call From GMB Support

Believe it or not, upon requesting a phone call, you will be shortly contacted by Google. There are just eight steps to do so.

talk to a specialist
  1. Enter your Business account.
  2. Consult the help page.
  3. Click the “NEED MORE HELP” option in the top right corner.
  4. Choose the topic for which you request support.
  5. Give extra information about the problem you have or what should be updated.
  6. Select ‘Request a phone call.’
  7. Give the requested information about your business such as the address and email.
  8. Fill in the call information and choose ‘Call Me.’

call me

Of course, there is the Google My Business Help and, if necessary, you may consult it.

Google My Business Support Contact Number & Helpline

google my business help

In case you have further issues with your business listing, you are most welcome to make a phone call at 1-844-491-9665. First, you will hear a previously recorded voice which welcomes you to the GMB Set up the line. After a short intro, you will be put on hold.

This service number may help you with the following issues:

  • Assistance with creating a new local account
  • Verifying your listing
  • Updating your information
  • Listing ownership transfers or other issues
  • Getting help for issues you may not find in the help box or in the dashboard.

Sometimes you can be kept waiting if Google Business customer service is busy. You should not be intimidated by the time you will spend waiting because the average time is less than a minute when clients are on hold after they hear the automated intro.

In my experience, the representatives I talked to were accommodating and professional and gave me clear and direct instructions.

This service is not available 24/7. Their working hours are from 4 am to 8 pm EST so make a timely phone call.

GMB Twitter Support

If you do not feel like chatting with someone on the phone, now you can visit Twitter. The Google My Business account on Twitter will provide you with relevant information and necessary current updates. Besides learning about the relevant information, customers may contact the Google My Business service team who are there to give assistance.

google my business twitter support

All you need, start following @GoogleMyBiz

When you start following this account, visit their page where you will “Tweet to” or “Message” any issue you have.

It is even possible to mark your question in your Tweets with @GoogleMyBiz.

The Google My Business Team is available from Monday through Friday (8 am – 5 pm EST). Depending on the complexity of your problem you will probably wait a day or two for a reply.

Use GMB Facebook Support

facebook google my business support

Alternatively, you can use another social network – Facebook! Simply, send a message to the Google My Business Facebook page and you will get a reply shortly.

Alternative Support Option – Google My Business Community Forums

In addition to the above-mentioned options, customers may prefer consulting the forum which is not operated by Google employees but volunteers or ‘Top Contributors’.

google my business community forums

Longtime members of the community may become Top Contributors if they are selected by the community managers thanks to the set of criteria they satisfy.

Top Contributors must meet the following requirements:

  • Being regularly active in this community
  • Able to establish a good rapport when replying to questions
  • Showing a good knowledge of this platform
  • Being involved in educating other members who are on the forum
  • Frequently contributing to initiatives on the forum
  • Providing helpful and effective feedback on the product.

Caution! Beware of false phone calls!

There is a telephone communication between Google and customers so this may give an opportunity to fraudsters to deceive business owners.

Be careful! Like banks or insurance companies, Google will NEVER call you to ask for payment or ask for your verification code or password!

What are some of the most typical situations when Google definitely WILL NOT call you:

  • Ask for payment
  • Ask for personal verification data
  • Contact you using a robocall
  • Propose to manage your company profile online
  • Ask you for other confidential information about the account.

In case you are not sure about the intentions of the person who phoned you, double check their identity by speaking with a legitimate representative.

You may choose a few options on how to get the necessary information (making a phone call, sending a Tweet, or using community forums). Regardless of the selected method, you should get an answer to your question.


Once again GMB is a free tool that helps you to boost your business on Google. It contains the basic business information like name, address, contact and working hours. Also, you can post images and reply to customer reviews.

Your business will appear on Google Search and Google Maps and that is why it is important to get started with your local SEO. That can also assist in other Google-related actions.

Your products or services should be visible to people who conduct a local search so keep the information about your business as accurate and optimized as possible.