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What Is SEO?

Search Engine Optimization is a part of digital marketing that aims to position your site high on the first page of Google search results. That will skyrocket your site traffic, putting your product, services, and the whole brand in front of a broader audience. 


Only The First Page Matters

There is a popular joke in the SEO world: “What is the best place to hide a dead body? Page two of the Google search results!” In other words, if you don’t position yourself on the first page, you are going to lose to your direct competitors who will.


Local SEO Is The Name Of The Game

Search Engine Optimization matters for local businesses too. While it might seem impossible to compete with all other companies operating in the USA, aiming to position yourself high in the local search results is a different story. 



If you are running a local, Baltimore MD business, most of your customers will also live in the City of Charm, or nearby. Plus, Google and other search engines show location-based results, prioritizing geographically nearest solutions. Therefore, it makes a lot of sense to focus on local SEO, targeting the first page of location-specific search results.


Our Proven SEO Results

When choosing a Baltimore SEO company, the best criteria to have is past clientele. Anyone can speak fairy tales on social media, promising miracles, with no stats to back those claims up. Our results speak for themselves, and we have traffic graphs to prove it.

We have helped many businesses of various sizes increase their revenue by positioning themselves high on the first page of search results. Our experience, knowledge, a step-by-step system, sophisticated SEO tools, and a unique strategy tailored to every client’s needs is what separates us from other SEO companies. 

We are aware that the SEO world is ever-changing, with every Google algorithm update. That is why we continuously monitor the SEO community, updating our system and methods. Those are the reasons why every single one of our clients sees constant traffic rise, and also why we have many satisfied, long-term partners.


How Can We Help?

NPOINTSEO is taking an all-inclusive approach when optimizing your site for the search engines. This includes:


On-Page SEO

This part of SEO focuses on improving your site content, making sure it is optimized by Google’s latest standards. To do this, we will do in-depth keyword research, pinpointing the best opportunities that have low competition but a high number of queries. 

We will develop a content strategy, making sure not only your existing content follows it, but all future posts as well. We will make sure not only that you get to the first page of Baltimore search results, but to actually stay there, establishing yourself as the leader in your field.


Off-Page Link Building 

The next, but equally important step is to build quality links. Google’s algorithm values authority links, and it is one of the strongest ranking factors that will prove your site is real. We will find links only to the most relevant websites that operate in the same industry. 

Most SEO companies only focus on building as many low-quality PBN (personal blog network) links. While this might result in short-term traffic spikes, it can damage your site’s ranking and reputation longterm, resulting in a Google penalty. 

NPOINTSEO focuses on quality, hand-picked links that are guaranteed to benefit your site even after future algorithm updates. 


Technical SEO 

NPOINTSEO will make sure your site is in mint condition, all the time. We will take care of all the technical details to make sure your site runs fast, and is secure, non-stop. Security and speed will not only please the visitors but Google too, as they are one of the ranking factors.

And if your site has design issues, no worries. We work with web designers and developers that will fix everything, making it responsive and mobile-friendly.

We know that site maintenance is all but fun, but that doesn’t make it less critical. Let the NPOINTSEO team worry about your site while you focus on operating your business.




Why Is SEO A Good Investment?

SEO is an extremely cost-effective way of getting your services in front of potential customers. The optimizations you do now, and the content you create will remain on your site for a long time. If done right, that will lead to a steady stream of increased traffic in years to come, even after you stop paying for SEO services.

Some other methods of digital marketing, such as ads, get you immediate attention and continue to do so as long as you pay for them. However, the second you stop paying, ads stop showing, which will mean you need to keep investing every month in your campaigns.

But, that doesn’t mean you should only focus on SEO, or only on ads. All of the forms of digital marketing are compatible. You need to decide which one to focus on. If ROI is your primary criteria, you will hardly find more cost-effective solutions than SEO.


How Long Does It Take To See Results?

Although cost-effective, SEO is slow, we won’t lie. While you can see some slight improvements as soon as we start optimizing, the most significant benefits will come after about six months. That is because the search engines process billions of pages every single day, comparing them and ranking for appropriate keywords. This has nothing to do with our (or any SEO company’s) working methods, it is just how Google works.

But, when results start happening, you can expect a consistent traffic rise over the months and years to come. When that happens, and you reach the #1 page, your only job is to maintain your position, by monitoring on the latest SEO trends, and optimizing accordingly.


Why Do I Need Professional SEO Services?

While there are many tools, even free ones, you can use to optimize your site, it is impossible to do it the right way without professional help. 

Algorithms get consistent updates, and so do tools and SEO best practices. It just takes too much time to keep track of all that while running your own business. 

For small blogs or one-page websites, sure, doing SEO by yourself is a decent option. But, if you want to position your growing local business on the Baltimore, Maryland digital map, you will have to take it seriously, and hire a dedicated team of SEO professionals. 

NPOINTSEO is the right solution, and we have no doubt you will see that for yourself. Contact us now, and request your free site audit.


I had a pleasure working with Nickey one on one at FixRunner WordPress support.
Nickey managed to boost the website from 500 clicks to 1200 clicks a day in a few months which blew my mind. I learned a lot about writing and SEO from Nickey
and I couldn’t recommend him more.


Lazar at


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